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CO2 Transportation Risk Assesment for Carbon Capture Storage


Project Overview and Objectives

With energy production sectors based mostly on fossil fuel combustion,many Black Sea region countries are interested in applying CCS for reducing their CO2 emissions, including the development of CO2 transportation infrastructure on their territory. Although the technology related to CO2 transportation is considered to be known from similar activities (e.g. natural gas networks), here are additional specific design considerations and a number of fundamentally important risks and hazards specific for CO2 transportation that must be investigated.

In this respect, the proposed research project aims to address:

  • the thermodynamic analysis and modelling of pure CO2 and its mixtures with other impurities, such as H2S, N2, water etc, over a wide range of temperatures and pressures and the design of CO2 transportation pipelines,
  • the risk analysis of important risks related to CO2 pipeline transportation, namely landslide, seismic, corrosion, design and construction error risk.

Risk assessment guidelines will be developed based on the obtained results. The Romanian gas transmission company has expressed their willingness of applying the research results, as the risks related to CO2 transportation by pipeline is a subject of great interests for them. At the end of the project, the Romanian gas transmission company will be trained on the project topics having as main support the prepared guidelines.

The results of the project are expected to have a significant impact on the development of the principles of engineering and construction for CO2 transportation pipelines and of the technical prescriptions for their design, construction and operation.