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PhD dissertations in progress

  • Energetic utilization of solid biofuels for substitution of fossil fuels and reduction of CO2 emissions in pulverized fuel units
    Karampinis Emmanuel – MSc, Chemical Engineer

  • Quality monitoring and gas cleaning technologies of biomass product gas for power and biorefinary applications employing novel sorbent materials
    Koytsoumpa Euthimia-Ioanna Mechanical Engineer

  • Syngas cleaning from fossil and renewable solid fuel gasification
    Grimekis Dimitrios Dipl. Mechanical Engineer

  • Theoretical and experimental evaluation of electricity generation systems from low temperature heat sources
    Braimakis Konstantinos Dipl. Mechanical Engineer

  • Environmental assessment of energy processes in a frame of low carbon communities by using the life cycle analysis principles
    Kourkoumpas Dimitrios-Sotirios MSc Mechanical Engineer

  • Numerical simulation of combustion in pulverized-fuel boilers under full and partial-load operating conditions along with investigation of their tubewalls mechanical behavior
    Drosatos Panagiotis Dipl. Mechanical Engineer

  • Effect of alternative fuels and bed material treatment, on gasification syngas quality and syngas upgrading
    Vounatsos Panagiotis Dipl. Mechanical Engineer

  • Experimental investigation of a Waste Heat Recovery system with the use of Organic Rankine Cycle on the cooling jacket of a marine I.C.E.
    Pallis Platon MSc Mechanical Engineer

  • Day Ahead electricity scheduling taking into consideration weather conditions and RES integration (solar and wind)
    Christina-Stavrula Hatzilau MSc Physicist